Anna Lowe

Appreciating the artistic unity written into our lives

In my Adolescent Literature class with Dr. Devin Brown, we discussed artistic unity: when an author mentions an object or interaction early on in the story that is relevant to the plot later. This idea struck me, and it caused me to ask myself, where have I seen artistic unity at work in my own life? Everything is so intertwined and complex in the plotlines of our lives. In my life, I see surprising connections in a discussion about a painting on the wall, a new member in a small group, reading

Parking citations are out of control

I was going about my daily routine on Sept. 7 when an unexpected email arrived in my inbox entitled, “Parking citation.” The email explained those who received it were given a citation on August 27. I was so confused, and here is why. My beloved Dodge Journey, “Scary Cherry” (named due to her many issues and complications), never leaves the cage. To avoid parking in the wrong place, I trudge across campus to the lot I thought I would be rid of at the end of last semester. I am a rule-follower,

Living on a dry campus

But what does that mean? Out of my whole hometown friend group, I was the only friend to leave the state and go to a Christian campus. When I explain to my friends or acquaintances that at Asbury we live on a dry campus, there is an obvious tension and divide. “They can’t make you do that,” they say. “Why would you even want to do that?” some of them ask. These are the same people who find it fun to fall down the stairs or run across the street while inebriated. You’d think “it’

Johnson & Johnson vaccine distribution on pause

Distribution of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine is now on hold. The CDC recommended pausing the use of the vaccine due to six women developing rare blood clots within one to three weeks of vaccination. “All six were women between the ages of 18 and 48 and all developed the illness within one to three weeks of vaccination,” the New York Times reported. “One woman died and a second woman in Nebraska has been hospitalized in critical condition.” Johnson & Johnson released a statement the m

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